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PICVISA receives European funding under the H2020 program for research and innovation.

31 de May de 2016

Last June PICVISA was awarded a H2020 Grant by the European Commission, for the development of machine-vision solutions of glass removal from municipal solid waste.
Although kerbside glass collection is a common practice in Europe, the glass content in the mixed household waste remains over 5%. This glass contaminates the recyclables and, in the case of a composting facility, the compost as output. Also, most of the glass waste of the mechanical and biological MBT plants finishes at the landfills. The PICVISA solution drives to the glass recovery at the MBT plants and its subsequent valorisation.
PICVISA will develop, in a 20 month period, the machine-vision equipment and a testing facility for the glass recovery from a wide range of solid wastes.