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Calaf Grup sponsors Silver 2017 of the Business Alliance for childhood immunization.

This year, Calaf Grup is sponsoring the 2017 Silver of the Business Alliance for Childhood Vaccination, an initiative by Gavi the Vaccine and "La Caixa", with the collaboration of ISGlobal, for the fight against child mortality in the most poor people of the world.
The International Area of ??the Foundation of the Obra Social "La Caixa" is committed to promoting and channeling all the donations of the participating companies, to invest completely in infantile vaccination and to carry out the appropriate monitoring.
With the solidarity and contribution of more than 1000 sponsoring companies, 2,682,360 children have been vaccinated.
Since the beginning of Gavi the Vaccine Alliance in 2000, 500 million children have been vaccinated and 7 million premature deaths have been avoided.
The contribution of Calaf Grup will be devoted to the distribution of the pneumococcal vaccine in Mozambique. The pneumococcal vaccine protects the infant population against pneumonia, which is the leading cause of child mortality in children under zinc years.
For each business contribution, Obra Social "La Caixa" and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will double respectively the funds donated to Gavi, with which the contributions of the business Alliance are beneficial to this initiative that will increase by four its effect and will be able to quadruple the efforts in the fight against the infantile Mortality.