CONSTRUCTORA CALAF is specialized in performing all types of civil engineering works as well as buildings, restoration and rehabilitation.

In the civil engineering area, the company has the expertise and professionals to provide high technical and engineering added value in all its actions, such as waterworks, infrastructure for the environment, or the development of road and urban spaces construction works. The group's customers are both public administrations and private companies. Agència Catalana de l'Aigua (ACA), Aigües Ter Llobregat (ATLL), REGSA,, Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB), la Diputació de Barcelona, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Acuamed and many others are part of the first group. In the private sector are to emphasize: Grupo Gas Natural, Aigües de Barcelona (AGBAR), Grupo Miquel y Costas, Iberpotash, Aigües del Segarra-Garrigues (ASG), etc.

Paralelly, in the building area the company has participated in numerous building projects for private and public organizations. The company provides innovative solutions to meet the new demands of efficiency, safety and better performance of cultural, sports and health facilities, as well as industrial or residential buildings.

In rehabilitation and restauration, Constructora Calaf uses the latest techniques to recover, restore and preserve buildings.

The technological development and the technical specialization are strategic factors in the contribution of value of Calaf Constructora. A sample of this is the use of the BIM methodology in many of its projects.

SEROM is also a construction company founded in 1990 in Barcelona, which was acquired by Calaf Grup in 2014.
The company is specialized in integral maintenance of buildings and facilities. The reform and rehabilitation of architectural heritage are strong points of the company. Another important area of action is the building, where SEROM provides solutions in the construction and expansion within the industrial sector, warehousing and offices, doing interventions in residential and community housing buildings. In the area of civil works, SEROM has focused on the industrial and cultural sector.